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Veroboard Normal Line 14.5×6.5cm Stripboard PCB Printed Circuit Board For Prototyping Designing Weld Soldering Arduino DIY

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Veroboard is a brand of stripboard, a pre-formed circuit board material of copper strips on an insulating bonded paperboard which was originated. It was introduced as a general-purpose material for use in constructing electronic circuits – differing from purpose-designed printed circuit boards (PCBs) in that a variety of electronics circuits may be constructed using a standard wiring board. .


  • Stripboard Just like Veroboard
  • Good quality product individually sealed to prevent tarnishing
  • This item is of a superior quality to most other boards on offer and is guaranteed to be easier to solder
  • This product is manufactured from copper clad laminated board
  • This product is ideal for prototyping, educational products etc.
  • The product is single-sided PCB prototype stripboard. Size is 65x145mm, pitch of 2.54mm, a pore size of 1.00mm.
  • Pre-tinned plated holes on the board make it very handy to solder components and sensors for your projects. Stripboards to meet your demands when designing electronic experiments and DIY projects.
  • High quality of durable glass fiber material with 1.3mm thickness makes a very solid and sturdy prototype circuit board, a tin plating process makes the welding component easier.
  • The stripboards are easy to weld and can be cut to other sizes as desired.